• Protein Salad wraps

    celery · pepper · hummus

For 2 persons (4 wraps) you need:

  • 4

    Mr. Wraps Chia Wraps

  • 200 g

    of beetroot hummus (or simple hummus)

  • 1

    red pepper

  • 1

    yellow pepper

  • 100 g

    of baby spinach leaves

  • 2 tbsp

    olive oil

  • 2 tbsp

    of pine nuts

  • salt, pepper

preparation time approx. 20 Min.

Remove the stalk and kernels of the pepper and cut them into strips. Cut off the lower end of the celery and wash the individual stems. Use a knife to remove the longitudinal fibers on the surface. Cut off the upper leaves. Then cut the stems transversely into pieces (about 10 cm long). Cut the pieces into narrow strips.

Wash the baby spinach (if necessary) under cold water.

Roast the pine nuts in a pan without fat until they turn golden brown. Beware of the heat - they burn quickly! Take them out of the pan and put them aside.

Then put the oil in the same pan and fry the pepper strips briefly. After that, add the celery strips (not the leaves) and let simmer shortly. Season with salt and pepper. Let everything cool.

Heat the chia wraps shortly in a frying pan without fat. Then spread the hummus on top of them. Dispense the spinach leaves on top, then the fried vegetables and also the celery leaves. Roll it all up and cut the rolls transversely into pieces. Serve it decoratively and sprinkle the pine nuts over it.

You need one of each:


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